Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning Matthew woke up around 5:30. We tried to get him to go back to sleep, but it wasn't happening so we took him out to the living room so K & T could sleep more. We had hot chocolate and some yummy cinnamon Christmas wreath and watched A Christmas Story. We let him eat some of his stocking candy. At 7:00 we decided it was time to wake up K & T so we took Matthew in our room and he did a good job of waking them up. Thomas realized it was Christmas right away. He came out and checked to see if Santa ate his cookies. Mom and Dad came out and we started opening presents. Bath toys for Matthew & Kaylee This was Thomas's favorite (and cheapest) gift a McDonald's cash register. He didn't want to open any thing after this gift! Kaylee was very excited about her cabbage patch doll.
Mom got a pretty ruby necklace from Dad.
Jim got lots of new clothes. Do you like his new hair do? It was an accident. I bought him an electric razor that he can use in the shower and he had it on a too short setting so he had to do a "1" all over! His head has been very cold! Thomas & Kaylee
Mom talking to Gabe. We all got to talk to him and it was so much fun. He speaks English with a Mexican accent. He's serving a mission in El Salvador. He comes home in 6months!


Cathy said...

I do like Jim Bobs hair! Looks like you had a marvelous Christmas! I finally posted about ours - you'll have to go see what you missed out on. :)

Carolee said...

omygosh Jim!!! Your head looks cold!

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