Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Merry Christmas

We had a great Christmas in Arkansas. Jim ended up getting off at noon on Christmas eve so we decided to drive up a day early and surprise my mom and dad. We got to their house around 7:30 so the kids had time to play a little before bed. This is just going to be a quick post then I have a ton more pictures I want to post, but am too tired to right now. I got a new Nikon digital camera for Christmas and I am so excited! I've been hinting to Jim that I would love to get a SLR camera and learn more about photography and stuff. He totally did good (with help from my dad and a wolf camera salesman) and got me a great camera that has been easy to jump right into. There is lots more I need to learn about it but here are a few of my first shots with it. I love how crisp and clear the pictures are and how fast it takes pictures. I took about a hundred pictures in about an hour :) we have too many cute kids in my family.

Kaylee with Grandma DeVaux, all the kids love her so much! Thomas looking at a bird
Matthew and Jim

Matthew loving playing outside at Grandma's house.
Look at those eyelashes, I could never capture those with my old camera!
Kaylee's blue eyes...again, her eyes never looked this blue with my other camera. Don't you love all the food on her face too?
Kaylee & Olivia, she loved "helping" Olivia, usually taking toys or binkies away from her then trying to force them back on Olivia.
Little Oscar VIII, he is such a little sweetie!

Olivia, Kaylee & Maggie in their matching shirts.

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Cathy said...

YAY for the new camera! I bought my Nikon last May and haven't regretted it since. I love it and am so happy with the pictures I take with it! I'll have to email you my 3 favorite photography blogs that teach me a thing or two. Hey, you just got photoshop for your bday too right? Oh, the fun you're going to have!!! Very beautiful pictures!

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