Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas

So we actually got our tree out early this year. We still haven't decorated it yet, but we got it set up Sunday night. I think it looks pretty without anything on it yet. We got most of the rest of the decorations out and in their spots. It is fun to have a new place to decorate this year. I have 3 mantles to put stuff on which is fun too! So here's a few things around our house.
As soon as I put the tree skirt down, Kaylee came and laid down on it. I guess she thought it was a nice blanket.
Overlooking the family room
The stairs up from the living room
Our stockings on the living room mantle. We can't actually leave them hung up because the twins will pull them down.
Family room mantle, our Christmas Village. Thomas picked out the barn today at Joann's.

Thomas wanted to get in a shot.
Our kitchen mantle, I still need to put a couple of things up on it.

I need a few more boxes of mini ornaments to fill these to the top.
I love nativity's. I don't think you can have to many up at Christmas time. It helps me remember the reason for the season. This is our olive wood from Jerusalem.
A cute little one I found at the Quilted Bear in Utah.
My Willow Tree one
As soon as we decorate the tree I'll take pictures of it. I've got a ton of Christmas music loaded on my ipod and have it playing just about 24/7. What is your favorite Christmas cd? I'm always looking for new music.


Haley said...

So fun to have all the space and surfaces to decorate on! I love it and am jealous. Ahhh, mantels. The one in my FR is covered with DVD's, thanks to Romaine.

Cathy said...

Oops, that was supposed to be me, Cathy!

Carolee said...

How fun to have mantles and a stair rail to decorate!!! It's looking great! Of course, I guess the hard part is making it "twin proof" right!?

We on the other hand, are not putting up as much stuff this year, b/c we have to take it all down, plus pack up our house right after Christmas!! But we got some stuff out last night and the tree up!!

Jennifer said...

Mannheim Steamroller's Christmas in the Air...it's beautiful!

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