Monday, October 6, 2008

Looking Back a few weeks...

This is Thomas, Justin & Ellie. Our trampoline didn't fit in our new yard so our friends Stacy & Stewart took it off our hands. Justin and Thomas were pretty good friends and Justin said he'd take good care of it for Thomas. We hope they are enjoying it as much as we did! We'll call you next time we're over there so Thomas can check on it :)

The week before we left Pam & Trish came to Dallas for a quick little visit. It was fun to see them. Here is Kaylee & Olivia. Kaylee thought Olivia was pretty cool.

Me & Gabby

Sisters minus Jen...sorry it's a little dark

Well we officially have everything out of our Sachse house. We close on it tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. We went over last Wednesday to clean it up and get the last load of stuff, mainly the garage. We had to rent another truck because it wouldn't all fit in the van. While Jim was loading things up we hung out at Brandy's house for a little while. The kids were excited to see each other. I think Kaylee missed having Clara to play with at church (and all the cool toys she has!).

Clara & Carter love Thomas because he is such a goofball. Thomas would jump up and down then Clara would in her exersaucer and just laugh. It was so cute.

Thomas started his new school last Tuesday. He was very excited. It seems like a really nice school and he is excited to make new friends. He's doing great on the potty training thing now. (except when we're at Brandy's).

We had to put netting over the banister upstairs because the babies could fit their heads & bodies through it, very scary! I found this at Lowe's in the child safety section. We just put it on with zip ties so when they are bigger we can take it off. It also keeps them from dropping things down.

Last Monday we decided we needed a break from all the moving madness so we picked up some chicken and went to the park. The kids had a blast playing on all the equipment. It wore them out and they went right to bed when we got home.
Me & Kaylee
Matthew & Kaylee love to sit on the bottom step and swing their feet. It is very cute.
Matthew and Kaylee working together to get into things!

We're making good progress on the unpacking. I have gotten a lot of my stamping stuff unpacked which is nice even though I don't have time to use it. We have our guest room set up so we are ready for our first guests to come visit. I've even had time to cook a few meals. It has been nice not eating out all the time. We're getting more used to the house and like it more everyday!
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Cathy said...

Thanks for the shout out Marj! I'm working on another one of your kids (the one I pulled off your blog - of them last December). It is cool! Hope to have it up by Friday! :)

So how are the kids doing on the stairs? Have they fallen down them yet? Or have they figured it out?

Angela said...

What does the front of your house look like?

Stacie said...

Thanks again for the tramp! Justin and Ellie are loving it, and Kate and Emily have even come over to jump! Tell Thomas, Justin is taking great care of it and can't wait until Thomas will come over and jump -- the girls just aren't as crazy as the boys :)

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