Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Go Cougars!

First off some very exciting news...we got an offer on our house yesterday and we accepted it so now we just have to wait for the inspections and appraisals and it should be sold! They want to close on Oct. 3 which is perfect because we are moving to our rental house next weekend. It is always amazing to me how things work out. In August we both felt like it was time to move on even though our house hadn't sold yet. We found a great house that we can rent and decided we'd make the move even though our house hadn't sold. We had faith that everything would work out even if we had to carry our mortgage and rent for a few months. I'm grateful that we both got the same impressions at the same time and that we both listened to them and didn't push them aside. I am still so very sad about leaving all my dear friends we have here but I know it is the right thing for our family to move closer to Jim's work. So that is our happy news.
We had a fun weekend. We watched BYU cream UCLA on Saturday then that night I had a "Girl's Night Out" with all of my friends who surprised me with a little going away party. I'm glad that I'll be close enough that I can still get together with all of my wonderful friends. This is a picture of the ladies I work with at church. They are all awesome women and I'm going to miss working with them in Young Women's.
Matthew & Kaylee have to watch Jim leave in the morning and wave bye out the front window. It is very cute.

While I was in Provo I bought all of us BYU t-shirts to wear on Game Days. Here's some pictures of us cheering the cougars on to victory! I hope they continue to have a great season.
We are trying to teach Thomas to be a Cougar Fan.Matthew didn't get a new shirt, he is wearing Thomas's old one, he did a get a BYU ball so he wasn't completely left out


Jennifer said...

Thomas will be bleeding Cougar Blue in no time! It's not hard when we're off to such a great start this season :)
Glad you've sold (almost!) your house!

tedthefarmer said...

Marji!! That is sooooooooooo great that you have a good offer on your house!!!!!! Wish we could be there to help you move--sorry! I'm sure your friends and ward will help out. Keep us posted!

Kim said...

I have been following your blog lately, it is great to see your family.
That is great news!
About your house I mean. Not the BYU score!

Cute Pictures.


Cathy said...


Melissa said...

Congratulations! I know how much of a relief selling is! Good luck with the move.

Melanie said...

Yea!!! Congratulations Jim & Marji! The Lord has such tender mercies doesn't He? Congrats & have fun moving! he-he

Andrea said...

You and Jim must have more faith then me and Jeremy! I am so happy for you that your house sold! I hope the move goes smoothly.

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