Friday, February 15, 2008

Purse Tagged

Andrea "purse tagged" me and I thought it sounded like fun because I love purses and I needed to clean mine out. I also just got a cute new one from Target for $5 so my coach purse is going in the closet for a while.
Here's what is in my purse:

  • 2 things of Lotion: I think one is almost empty and you can never have too much lotion
  • Hand Sanitizer: have to sanitize often with little ones around
  • Assorted lipsticks & lip gloss:: I love the Estee Lauder lip gloss it tastes yummy & stays on a long time, no chapstick, it is always in my pocket
  • Make-up bag with more lipstick and stuff in it
  • Wallet & Checkbook
  • Pens & Penicils
  • My keys
  • My cell phone
  • Some pennies
  • Some cough drops: those are really old, I haven't had a cough for ages!
  • Gum & Jolly Ranchers
  • A yellow button? I think it came off a card
  • A sippy cup: we ate out last night and I tossed it in to put water in if M or K got fussy
  • Fruit puffs: to try and keep Kaylee & Matthew happy
  • Grocery Lists & Receipts
  • A book mark that lists when Jane Austen is on Masterpiece (I was upset they didn't come up with a new Pride & Prejudice, even though the A&E one is the best one ever, I was hoping for a new adaptation, oh well!)

Now I tag: Brandy, Trish & Tina

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