Monday, February 11, 2008

Fun Twins

One of the best things about having twins is how they interact with each other. This morning after feeding Matthew I put him on the floor by Kaylee & they were so excited to see each other. They laid like this for about 5 minutes, which is a long time for them to stay in one spot these days. They weren't really saying much, just looking at each other, Kaylee would put her hands in Matthew's mouth and he'd suck on her fingers, just too cute!
Our good friend the Bradshaw's moved to Colorado last week. We had one last play date at Chick-fil-A before they left. Thomas will miss Jake a lot and I'll miss Andrea, she was a great friend and a great visiting teacher. She helped me out a lot with Thomas when the twins were first born. Good luck in Colorado guys!! In the picture Justin (in blue), Thomas & Jake (in red).

This is a hilarious video of Matthew & Kaylee laughing at each other in their excersaucers. I was in the other room and they were making a ton of noise so I came in to see what was happening. I had to get it on video. It is about 2 minutes long and sorry for the bad camera work.

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