Wednesday, August 29, 2007

4 Weeks!

Thomas & Jim in their "baseball" hats. Anytime Jim wears a hat, Thomas talks about going to a baseball game. Jim took him to one a few months ago and I guess he remembers the hats.
Little Matthew...He is putting on weight, but he is still our little guy.

Matthew was smiling at me yesterday, this is the closest smile I was able to get with the camera.

Thomas was playing with Matthew while he was in his bouncy seat this morning. He would wiggle his fingers on Matthew's belly and say: Tickle, Tickle. He likes to turn the music & vibration on for the bouncy seat.

Thomas loves to color on dry erase boards. He'll sit draw for about 30 minutes. It is great!

Grandma Anderson & Kaylee

Jim with Kaylee & Matthew. It is nice they are so small because it makes it easier to hold both of them when we need to.

Me & my cute babies

This video was taken on August 9, so they were a week old. Blogger just added video so now it will be easier to upload video!

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