Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Uncle Gabe's visit

Gabe drove up Friday afternoon and Jim took him to a Mavericks game for his 19th birthday. Del & Jeff went too. They had a fun boy's night out. There were tornados in the area and the sirens were going off when they were walking to the American Airlines Center so that was exciting for them. No tornados touched down in the downtown area, luckily.

Gabe with the mascot. Is it bad I don't know his name?

This is the guy who played Superman in the latest movie. There were a number of celebreties at the game and Gabe got this shot of him.
On Saturday, Gabe helped Jim with some home projects: hanging a cabinet in our bathroom and laying some boards down in our attic. We had a lot of fun with him here. Thomas especially enjoyed it and was sad to see "Untle Dabe" go home.


Del and Tina Mecham said...

Yay, I was mentioned on Jim and Marji's blog! Too bad we don't have any pictures of our experience at Bahama Buck's or the subsequent melt-down of the Watermelon Thin Ice.


Ruthie said...

Wow - last time I saw Gabe he was teeny. So weird.

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