Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Latest Ultrasound Pix

This is the boy. His profile, I think. Its hard to tell. He weighed in at 1 lb 3 oz. He was still a boy so that is good :)

Here's the little girl. Her hand is up by her face. She weighed in at 1 lb. So they are both doing great and looking good. She was still a girl :).

We are still trying to come up with names. So if anyone has any good ideas let us know. We haven't decided if we want them to start with the same letter or any of that. At this point I'll just be happy if we can agree on 2 names.

I'm doing good, just tired in the afternoons. Grocery shopping wipes me out so when I get home I have to lie down. Jim will probably be taking that over before too long.

Thomas is talking up a storm! I'll try to do another video of him soon. We have a birds nest in a tree by our front door and the birds just hatched so he loves to go and look at the baby birds. He'll say: "Baby birds come out of egg." So it has been fun. I'll have to get pictures of them. It is very cool!

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