Monday, March 12, 2007

Boise and Back home

Well we spent a fun filled week. I was worried about having to deal with cold weather while we were there, but it was beautiful! Thomas had so much fun with all of his cousins. It was a big party for him, taking short naps, staying up late, playing on the trampoline and he loved the hot tub. He called it the "Big Bath." Jim and his dad had a couple of "babysitting days," all the girls would go out to lunch or shopping and they would watch the kids that aren't in school. They found it was easier to just throw them all in the hot tub because then they were contained. :) I was really bad about pulling out my camera and taking pictures while we were there so I don't have a lot, I know others were better about taking pix so I'll to get copies from them.

Grandma Anderson took Thomas to "Build A Bear" and it was fun. I think Jim and I had more fun than Thomas. He picked the monkey out and Jim thought Dirk would be a good name for him. Thomas' favorite part of the whole process was giving the monkey and air bath. He stayed at that station for a long time. He loves "Dirk" and carries him around with him. He calls him monkey and likes him to sit by him on the couch.

While in Boise, Thomas decided he didn't want to sleep in his crib any more. So we went and got him a fun new bed spread for his "big boy bead." He is doing really good in the bed. He'll only get up a couple of times. One night he opened his door a crack and threw his milk out and said more milk please then ran and got back in bed :).

Here is a picture of me. We took it yesterday after church. I'm about 4 months along and really showing! I think this is about how big I was at 6 months with Thomas. When we were in Boise, Jim's mom took me on a little shopping trip to Motherhood and I got this dress. It is my favorite purchase, so comfy! I am so glad that we are now in sandals weather, because tights and pantyhose, just were not agreeing with me. I am feeling so much better! No more throwing up and I enjoy eating again. I think I put on 5 pounds while we were in Boise :) I have a dr.'s appointment on Thursday then next week is our ultrasound and we find out what we are having!!! Any guesses? Boy Boy, Girl Boy or Girl Girl?

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