Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Big Post

I haven't posted for a long time. I just get worn out so quickly it is hard to get to everything I have to do when I'm feeling good. My Dad (PaPa) got Thomas this train set for Valentine's day. He loves it. He especially likes when I get it all put together to come and knock it down. I guess that is a boy thing.

On Valentine's day some of our friends dropped off some valentine cookies. I didn't think Thomas had seen them, but after he got out of his bath he said, "red heart cookie" (not that clear of course). It took a few times of him saying it for us to finally understand him. So being the healthy parents we are, of course we gave him a cookie, even though it was bedtime, it was still Valentine's day. He is really talking and trying to say a lot. It is amazing the words he picks up on and says. Time for us to start watching what we say :).

Our good friends and neighbors, the Hatch's, moved in November, but Thomas still likes to ride his bike up to their house. He always knocks on the door just to see if maybe Denise decided to come back. Some of Denise's daffodils and other bulbs are starting to come up because we've had a warm spell so Thomas has to go and smell the flowers.

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Ruthie said...

Hey! So excited about the pregnancy and the fact that you have a blog now! I'll be checking in!

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