Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Averi

I can’t believe that my baby is 3! {Her birthday was Dec. 4, I’m just behind}. Here is a sweet picture of her when she was so little and new. Time really does fly!

I love this picture of my 4 kids, It makes me realize how little Kaylee & Matthew still were when Averi was born! I really don’t know how I survived.

We let Averi open her presents from us in the morning before Jim and Thomas left for the day.


I love how happy she was with everything she got. She had fun all day playing with her new toys.


Averi is such a fun, spunky girl. She knows exactly what she wants and gets upset when she doesn’t get it. Even though she is difficult at times, I can’t imagine our life with out her.


I can’t believe how long her hair has gotten, last year she still didn’t have much!


She requested Wendy’s for dinner so Jim brought it home and we ate it before going  to the parade.

We had her party on Saturday, here’s the invitation I made for it.

averi 3 bday invite copyblog

She said she wanted a purple banner, so I threw one together with my stash of supplies.



She picked out princess cupcakes this year. She was so excited for them and couldn’t wait to go and pick them up.


We invited some of her church buddies, they were all busy, so it was family. She loves having all of her cousins around.


She was very serious while we were singing to her.





She had fun opening her presents from her cousins and grandparents.


It was a fun birthday party for our spunky girl!

We love you so much Averi Elizabeth! Happy 3rd birthday!!


Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Averi. I can't believe how long her hair is. She is so cute.

Nicole said...

How fun, Happy Birthday!

Carolee said...

What a cutie pie! I am amazed about her hair as well! What a big girl. Glad she had a fun family party.

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