Thursday, November 29, 2012

Family Pictures 2012

A few weeks ago we did our family pictures. I was  going to just set up my tripod, but my wonderful SIL Tara offered to come and take them with my camera. It was much better having Tara behind the lens to get my kids to look at her. I love how they turned out. I had fun picking out our outfits for the our pictures.  Here are my favorites:

our family-2

our family-5

our family-7

our family-8

our family-24

our family-26

our family-6

Our silly pictures, the kids favorite!

our family-1

Jim & the kids

our family-9

Me and Jim, we never get pictures together!

I took a few pictures of the kids, they were due for new ones.
our family-12

I  can’t believe Thomas is turning 8 soon! He is such a good kid.

our family-28 

Kaylee had so much fun picking out the accessories to wear. She is such a pretty little thing!

our family-11

Matthew is just my little charmer. He has his preschool teacher wrapped around his finger.

our family-17

Averi is definitely the baby of the family. She has such a cute pouty face.

our family-18

our family-1-2

I love this picture of my twins, Kaylee & Matthew. I love when they get along, they have a cute relationship. I love how they act together.

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Andrea said...

They turned out great. that was nice of Tara. The colors of your outfits look really nice. Good Job!!

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