Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Date Night {Brad Paisley Concert}

We bought tickets this summer to go and see Brad Paisley in October. It seemed like months away. We were so excited when the night was finally here. We were long overdue for a date night. I was able to find awesome floor seats for pretty cheap {less than what I have paid for just one ticket to other concerts). We have always loved Brad Paisley and he did not disappoint!


Scotty McCreary and The Band Perry opened for him. They were both great. There were lots of teenage girls there that screamed for Scotty. It made me feel old! Our row was empty so after they performed we moved to the other end of the row to be closer to the center stage.  I wish I had brought my nice camera, I could have gotten some great shots with my zoom lens…oh well. These are all taken with my iPhone.


They had some really cool laser stuff at the beginning.


He were a Hogs shirt, which the crowd loved




Brad played for over 2 hours, I forget how many great songs he has. He sounded great and was really entertaining. So if you like Brad Paisley and get a chance to go and see him, do it!

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