Friday, August 31, 2012

Utah-My first day

Gabe and Molly got married in the Mt. Timpanogos temple in Utah on August 10. I got to fly out {by myself} for it! I almost didn’t make it there. A bomb threat got called into the DFW airport the night I flew in. My terminal was closed off from all the other terminals. We got no information from anyone at the airport. Lots of people were saying the whole airport was on lock down and no flights were leaving, but when I checked my flights status on my iPhone it said it was leaving on time. So I finally exited the airport and hopped on a shuttle to my terminal for my flight to SLC. I was the last one to squeeze onto the shuttle and barely made it to my gate in time to board my flight to Salt Lake. It was CrAzY!! Oscar & Tara picked me up from the airport, my flight got in around 11:00 that night so it was late and we were all tired and crashed at Jen’s. Wednesday we did some cupcake decorating and baking for the dinner that night. We had time to get out a do a little sister shopping. It was nice to not have any kids to worry about and just hop in the car and go. It is always fun to hang out with my mom and sisters. We always do lots of laughing when we are all together.

Here’s some pictures from the dinner with Molly’s family on Thursday night. I loved her family, they were all so nice and fun.


poor little Parker…his face gets so red in the heat! Look at those big blue eyes , he is a cutie!!



All the food, we had brisket, baked beans, watermelon, coleslaw and bean & corn salsa. It was all so good!




We made peanut butter cup, rolo and funfetti cupcakes. They were so good and everyone loved them.


Mom & Dad with Gabe & Molly


All the DeVaux girls. We are so lucky to have such great sisters in law.

gm wedding-1

Maggie really wanted to be in the picture and of course Gabe is lurking in the back! After the dinner we cleaned up and did a little more shopping. I stayed with Trish down in Pleasant Grove that night.

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