Friday, July 6, 2012

Marji’s weekend away…

I got to go to Dallas a few weeks ago for the weekend. Brandy and I got tickets to go see Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney. I flew there Friday afternoon. Brandy picked me up and we we went and did some shopping at Firewheel {I miss that mall!} It was fun to shop and hang out with Brandy.

Saturday morning we got up and I did a quick photo-shoot of Clara & Carter. They are so cute it was a lot of fun. here’s some of my faves.

carter clara-25

carter clara-20

carter clara-30

Brandy had to work on Saturday for a few hours so I went to the pool at the club and laid out. I bought the latest Harlan Coben book on my Kindle and I enjoyed just reading in the sun. It was heavenly…except that the snack bar had no diet coke! I also ran into my good friend Staci who I hadn’t seen for a long time. I love catching up with old friends!!


Before the concert


The concert was at Cowboy stadium, such a nice venue! {I got a LOT of sun!}


Tim performed first and was great. Jim and I saw Tim & Faith when we were living in LA {probably 12 years ago!}  He has lots of fun songs that we loved.




The crowd went crazy when Kenny came out. He is awesome {and HOT of course}.


It was great when Kenny & Tim performed together. They started with their duet Feel Like a Rock star and then sang Indian outlaw and She Thinks my Tractors sexy together. They are a lot of fun together on the stage! {Sorry for the crappy pictures, I just had my iPhone.}


Can’t wait to see Kenny next year. Some day we want to spend the money to be on the floor in the “sandbar” area. Thanks for a great weekend Brandy. It is always great to spend time with you!!

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