Monday, November 7, 2011

My Birthday

My birthday falls on Halloween, which kinda stinks when you have kids.  Jim does a good job of celebrating before Halloween. We went to dinner on Friday night and did a little shopping afterwards.We came home to a clean house and our kids in bed thanks to our awesome babysitter Callie. On Saturday my mom came up and took me shopping for some new stuff for the house. On Sunday we went to my parents house for dinner for my birthday and little Oscar’s. By Monday I think Jim was tired of my birthday…The kids woke me up with some presents. The card was funny, it was a sound card with a cat laughing, Averi loved it and carried it around all day opening it up listening to the cat laughing.






They just got me a few little things and I got some money to go shopping with. Jim also surprised me with breakfast from Chick-fil-a, so yummy!


Clarissa Meegan said...

Happy Late birthday Marji! And way to support the Red Sox!!

*I love your blog header! SO CUTE!

Nicole said...

How fun, Happy Birthday!

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