Monday, May 23, 2011

The Playhouse/Swing Set Saga…

We bought a swing set/playhouse from Sam’s Club in April.  We knew it would be a big job to get it built. First Jim inventoried everything…4 big boxes of wood and tons of hardware-it took a while.


Our good friend Clay came over on a Saturday to help Jim get started.  I took the kids down to Hot Springs for the day so they wouldn’t be disturbed.


They took a while to get the ground level and the base set up straight. They ran into a few bumps but got a good start on it.

playhouse day 1

Jim worked on it in after work and on Saturdays. We had setbacks like broken boards and bad screws that slowed it down!


The kids were so excited when we finally got the swings and the monkey bars up Then we had lots of rain and it was put on hold for a while.



Jim finally got it almost done. We are waiting on a couple more pieces from the manufacturer to finish the porch above the slide and the glider on the swings.  Here’s some pictures of the “almost” finished product.

DSC_0035 DSC_0037DSC_0036DSC_0038

The kids love the crow’s nest with the telescope.


We ordered a steering wheel for it. They pretend like they are steering a pirate’s ship.


Averi loves climbing up the slide and going back down it.

DSC_0048 DSC_0052

Thomas has gotten good at the monkey bars.


Kaylee loves to climb the wall.


Averi sad that she can’t swing. It is usually a fight for the swings. Hopefully that will lessen when we get the glider up!


So there it is! Jim has spent all his free time on it and is glad to have all but a couple of things left to do. The kids LOVE it. They have so much fun it. It is worth the hours and days it took to build. Thanks Jim for being such a wonderful dad and sacrificing so much time to build this for our kids. We love you!.


Crysta said...

Love the picture of the girls with their backsides to the camera in their cute!

Carolee said...

I love that picture, too!! I'm so impressed with my brother! Such a big project-way to go, Jim!!!

Meredith said...

Way to go Jim! Looks so fun! We have a smaller one in our back yard and the girls LOVE investment we ever made! ;) Glad the kids are enjoying it!

Andrea said...

good job Jim!!! what a great dad.

I loved reading you 100 things about you.

p.s. we are moving to McAllen, TX for a job.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I also love the aforementioned picture. Adorable! My kids are on our swing set constantly, though it has seen better days. :)

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