Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Olivia Photo Shoot

Pam asked me to take some pictures of Olivia. She is turning 3 next week and was in need of some updated pictures.  We found a good empty field and started shooting.  We were a little worried because Livy does not like looking at the camera; but with a little bribery of a Dora treat if she smiled Livy did a great job! Here are my favorites. For those wondering I used some of the Pioneer Woman actions Boost-one of my faves, and colorized. I love the actions because if you don’t like how it looks you just undo it.

12 edit

13 edit edge burn

34 edit edge

38 edit colorized

65 edge burn  65 edit

The first one I did PW colorized the second is PW boost.

147 edit

After the field we drove over to the lake in my neighborhood. 

155 edit color

188 edit bw

189 edit

Livy 121


Matthew kept bringing Livy flowers.


Here’s her cute, pouty, I’m done face!


Michelle said...

Those are awesome, Marji!! Good job! I love that Matthew was bringing her flowers--what a sweetheart. :)
That first shot of Livvy is especially gorgeous and could be a magazine cover.

Andrea said...

Adorable. You did a great job. Thank heavens for actions they save so much time.

Angela and Kevin Reese said...

Amazing picts!

Nicole said...

You did a great job, love the pics!

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