Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Last Thursday we met some friends from church at a little pumpkin patch about 5 minutes away. It was very small compared to the one we are used to in Flower Mound, but the kids still had fun. We started off with a fun hay ride.

Here’s Kaylee and Matthew with their buddy Isaac


Kaylee & Matthew look so old to me in these pictures


The hay ride took us to a cool tree house and maze in the woods behind the pumpkin patch. The kids loved the tree house. It overlooked the maze.


The owner of the pumpkin patch built this cool maze.


They were so excited to go in it and we let them do it on their own.


I took some pictures of Averi while they explored the maze. She didn’t really cooperate with me so I didn’t get and really good shots of her.


She didn’t like the flower in her hair either! She is still as bald as can be, though she is starting to get some long little wispy hairs in the back.


I didn’t get any good shots of Matthew or Kaylee either, they just wanted to run around, not sit still so mom could get a cute picture of them! Kaylee decided she didn’t want to look at me.



There were these cute John Deer tractors for the kids to ride, they had a lot of fun on them.


Averi and Tessa, she looks especially bald next to Tessa with all her hair! They had fun on this rocking thing. Check out Averi’s hair!


There was a play fort that Kaylee and Matthew had fun in


Here’s a picture of the pumpkin patch…kind of lame compared to the Texas one!


I didn’t get any good pictures of the 3 of them in the pumpkins…maybe next year! We had a lot of fun with our friends and the moms got to enjoy a nice lunch at Chili’s after the pumpkin patch, well as nice as it can be with 7 kids!


Andrea said...

I love that you posted this. You took some great pictures, and we had such a nice time with you guys. Now maybe I can get to posting about it.

Carolee said...

Such cute pics, even if the kids wouldn't cooperate! You do so many fun things with the kids. And so brave to go to Chili's with 7 kids! =)

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