Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rearranging Things

I love pretty much everything about our house, except the breakfast nook. It is so small!  Our table didn't really fit in it and it was hard to keep the floor clean and just cramped.  My friend Andrea rearranged her house, switching the nook for the office and I thought why haven't I thought of that! So one Friday night after we got the kids to bed Jim and I got to work.  It was easy to move everything, even our big ole computer armorie just glided on the wood floors.  After we finished we wondered why we didn't think of making the change earlier! Thanks for the idea Andrea!!!
Here's the new dining room. It is nice to have more room at dinner! We are going to be switching tables to the "DeVaux" table. It is a beast of a table that my Great-Grandfather made, it is big and rugged and perfect for kids. We just need a free Saturday to go and get it from my parent's storage unit.  I still need a new window  treatment for this room so just ignore the tacky sheers-they came with the house!
Here's our new office. The armorie fit perfectly!
We also decided to utilize the bar. I ordered the stools from walmart.com. They super cheap and easy to put together! The kids LOVE them! They eat breakfast and lunch at the bar. They love to color and do play dough up here too.  It is so much easier to keep clean! Again...why had I not done this earlier, it has made my life so much easier!!
Enjoying pancakes with Livy

I just got my Grandma B's China hutch.  After Grandpa passed away last year, she moved into an assisted living facility She is suffering from Alzheimer's. My mom spent last weekend in Austin with her brother and sisters going through Grandma's house to get it ready to sell. My awesome cousin Amy took pictures of everything in the house and we got to say what we were interested in. I guess no one else wanted the hutch so I totally scored! I might refinish it one day, but it looks good for now. I think I will put some new hardware on it to update it a little bit.  
 When I opened it up to clean it out and get it put together it smelled like my grandma's house. I just sat there and smelled it for a minute. Isn't it funny how certain smells can trigger memories. I thought of all the fun spring breaks we spent there and Christmas with all of the family. It is such a fun and unique house I am sad I won't stay there again and have my kids explore the fun outdoors there. It made me miss my Grandma...she is an amazing lady and I am so blessed to be her granddaughter and named after her!
When we got married my Grandma B gave me my Great Grandma's-Mama Lone-crystal stemware.  It is beautiful hand blown crystal and I love it.  I've only used it a few times because I am so scared of it breaking.  Now I have a beautiful place to display it.
I don't have very many other things to put in it. I put some of my serving pieces that got with my wedding stoneware. I think I'm just going to look for cool plates and things like that at thrift stores and antique shops. It will be fun to fill it up with cool things!


Jen T. said...

Wow, the dining room looks a lot better like that! A lot more space! And Grandma's hutch looks great with it all too. How fun!

Carolee said...

Sooo fun to rearrange things and get organized!! I'm so glad for you that you figured it all out-it feels so good, huh? That is so neat you got your Grandma's hutch. It is beautiful. Bet you will have fun with it--you are so creative!

Nicole said...

I love it, it looks great! I'd love to have a hutch one day, I'll my China my Mom gave me sits in a closet. I love to get things organized, it makes me feel so good.

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