Friday, August 27, 2010

Boise part 1

We flew to Boise a couple of weeks ago and spent a week there. It had been almost 2 years since we had been to Boise so the kids were very excited. They did really good on the flights. We had a delay in the Vegas airport that wasn't very much fun, but we made it to Boise late Saturday night!
Averi enjoyed crawling around on the layover.
Thank Heavens for DVD Players!
Sunday night we had a big family dinner with all the Anderson's. I think there were over 40 people there, the majority being the grand kids!
Thomas was so excited to see all his boy cousins and just had the best time playing with them!
Kaylee loved the sandbox and had fun with Becca and Logan
Averi & Mallory had fun playing together they are about a month and a half apart and are cute as can be!
 It was fun to visit with everyone
We celebrated the August birthdays, Kaylee and Matthew loved helping all the cousins blow out the candles.

Gabe is living in Boise working so he got to come and take part in the festivities. We had so much fun seeing him too!
Thomas was very excited to see Gabe as well!


Andrea said...

Looks like a great visit. I can't wait to see more.

Melanie said...

Kyle asked me just yesterday if I've ever talked to Jim about moving to Boise. Emilee said to him, "Matthew is not going to live here Kyle, just get over it!!!" haha, we miss you already!

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