Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fun Things!!

We've been having some fun doing things with some new friends from church. There is a church here that has a huge indoor play area that is FREE to use. We spent about 2 hours there on Wednesday and the kids had a blast!  It was so nice and it was air conditioned, which is great in the HOT weather we have been having lately! Averi had a great time crawling around trying to get to where her brothers & sister were. They liked to help her climb up in the toddler area. I didn't get a good picture of the whole place, I'll have to try next time we go.

Today we went to the library for story time and it was so much fun! It is  a great library with a wonderful children's section. They heard some books about fish and made Sushi with rice krispie treats, Swedish fish and a fruit roll up. The kids loved it. They had fun exploring the library, doing puzzles, playing games on the computer and looking at books.  We followed up with Lunch at Larry's pizza with a few friends.

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