Friday, June 4, 2010

Averi is 6 Months!!

I can't believe our sweet Averi is 6 months old! She is still our little sweetheart. She is such a happy, sweet girl. I haven't found a doctor here yet, so I don't have any of her stats, but I know she is growing fast! She is in 6 month clothes, some of the 9 month clothes fit her.

Check out those pretty eyelashes. She loves her binky still. She will lunge for it when we take it away from her.
She is crawling all over the place. She loves the wood floors because she can really get up speed on them. She sits up for a little while on her own. She can almost go from crawling to sitting, she has what I call a "sexy pose" where she will lean on one hand. I haven't gotten a picture of it, but it is really cute. She will crawl into the play room when the kids are in there so she can be with them.
She has started eating solids. She is very interested in whatever we are eating.  Jim was eating a chicken sandwich the other day and she grabbed it and ripped the bun apart and shoved it in her mouth. We were having watermelon last night and she had to have some and loved it! She loves to eat puffs and little crunchies and anything she can get her hands on that we are eating.
She gets really tickled by her brothers and sister. she laughs the hardest at Kaylee. It is so cute how much she loves being around them.


Carolee said...

She is so cute!! Getting so big! Oh, looks like such a sweetie!!

Clare said...

I know you're not in L.R., but if you want to make the quick trip, we love the docs at L.R. Pediatric Clinic. They are even open on Saturdays if your kiddo is sick.

Nicole said...

So cute! They grow so fast.

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