Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

 Here's the kids in their Easter outfits. They wore them last Sunday since we had General Conference on Easter Sunday.
A rare shot of me and the kids, I'm usually behind the camera. I can't believe they are all looking at the camera. That is a miracle!
They weren't as good when Jim got in on the picture. I don't know why Thomas has such a mad look on his face in the picture.
On Easter morning we had a yummy breakfast of crepes with strawberries and whipped cream. The kids love strawberries and we are going through a lot right now. It is nice they are so cheap! Here they are ready for the egg hunt. We assigned them each a color to find.
Here's a few shots of them hunting for eggs. Anytime Kaylee would find a green egg (Matthew's color) she' say, "Here Matt" and run it over to him.
Averi was inside napping most of the time. We brought her out for a group piture.
This is the first Easter we've been at our house with the kids. We're usually in Arkansas or Boise. Thomas was sad to not be at Grandma's house with his cousins, but we are going this weekend so maybe he can do a little hunt when we are there.  We had a yummy dinner of pork loin, roasted asparagus, cheesy potatoes, rolls with jello cake for dessert. After dinner we went for a long walk around our neighborhood. I am so grateful for our Saviour's life and His resurrection. I know he lives!


Crysta said...

I love that they are all wearing green and all doing there own thing....these are some of my favorite pictures!---the unposed ones!

Melanie said...

What a darling cute family!!!

Andrea said...

cute pictures of cute kids wearing cute matching clothes!

Carolee said...

Such cute pictures! Your Easter dinner sounded so wonderful! Way to be!

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