Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Going Crazy

Most mornings when Matthew is getting dressed he says, "Where we going Mommy?" I usually say, "we're going crazy!" He has started saying, Hey Daddy, we're going crazy!" We've been stuck in the house lately because it has been so cold and it is just such an effort to get out with all the kids I opt to stay home! I took all 4 to Wal-Mart yesterday to get a few groceries for the week and I was so frazzled by the end I don't feel like going to the store with the kids for a while. The upside of this is it is great for the budget, the downside, we go a little crazy :) Here's Kaylee & Matthew with their crazy faces this morning.
Averi loves her exercise mat. She is starting to grab at some of the toys. I have to be careful when M&K are around though because they like to play with the toys and get a little rough sometimes, shocking for toddlers I know! Averi loves her brothers and sisters even though they get a little crazy around her.


D.A. Hale said...

Your kids are so darling!

Carolee said...

I hear ya, Marji! Hang in there!!! Love the crazy pics!

Meredith said...

You are so brave taking all of them to the store...I've started going when I drop Sydney off at Joy School so all I have to deal with is Mallory but she is my monster so it's still a chore to go, even with just her! I can't imagine 4...!

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