Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sweet Sisters

Grandma Anderson got the girls these cute matching dresses. They wore them on Sunday to church so I had to snap a few shots so Grandma could see them!
Why our kids should never use markers!
While we were playing the Wii with Thomas we let Kaylee and Matthew color with markers on some big paper. As you can see they colored on their faces as well.
Thomas is very good at the Wii. He can beat me and Jim in just about everything!
Averi chililng in her boppy


jennifer rogers said...

little averi is so stinkin' cute!

Nick and Ashlee Weber Family said...

Adyson has the same dress, they look so cute!

Jennifer said...

At least they didn't get the walls? Averi is the cutest!!!

Meredith said...

Cute them! Isn't it fun to dress them the same, I love doing that with Sydney & Mallory! Your kids are so cute!

Ruthie said...

She's beautiful! Thanks for the birth announcement!

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