Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Averi-1 month Old!

So she was one month a couple of weeks ago, but I never got around to doing the post. She is still a good happy baby. Her sister and brothers love to hold her and talk to her. Her mom and dad love how happy she is. She is such a joy to have in our family!
Look at how big her belly is getting. She is starting to get little fat rolls on her thighs, so cute!
Peace guys! She is the only "binkie" baby we've had and it isnice she likes it so much! I think she is going to have blue eyes like Kaylee, you can kind of see it in this picture. Her hair is receding from the top (kind of like her dad's) we'll see if comes in as light as Kaylee's did.


Jen T. said...

So cute! I can't wait to meet her sometime!! Give her big kisses!!

Crysta said...

So precious! It is funny alex's hair is receeding too, I keep hoping she will get some more hair!

Carolee said...

she's so sweet! I love the crib set, too!

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