Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Little Indian

Thomas had a Thanksgiving feast at school today. They had lunch with the other Pre-K class. His class dressed up as Indians and the other class were the Pilgrims. They gave each other necklaces as gifts. 

Last Sunday before church Kaylee and Matthew started dancing. They looked so cute I had to pull out the camera and take their pictures. They are growing up so fast!
I don't think I"ve even blogged about moving Kaylee & Matthew to big beds. We decided to separate them because they would not go to sleep together so we got new beds. I'll have to take a picture of the boys room. I still haven't found comforters that I like for them so it doesn't look cute or anything. For Kaylee I found a comforter that matches the crib set I got for baby girl. I got it for $17 on Ebay! I am loving Ebay!!! They do really well going to bed on their own. It is nice because Kaylee is usually ready to go to bed before Matthew because she takes a shorter nap so we put her down and she doesn't even know that Matthew is still up.
So I have 2 more weeks till my due date! I can't believe it. I've been in "nesting" mode. We got some great toy organizers from Ikea for our playroom. I'm still working on cleaning and sorting and organzing. I'll take pictures when it is clean and get those posted soon. I've got most of the kids Christmas presents bought, we just have a few big items that we are waiting to get, but know what we want. I got released from working with the Young Women at church. I am sad to not be working with them anymore, but it is such a busy calling with a new baby I would have a hard time doing it right. I got called to be the Visiting Teaching Coordinator, it should be a fun  and easy calling that I can do from home and with my computer. That's all for now!


jennifer rogers said...

so, do you have any names picked out for the new baby girl? I think it's funny that we are usually pregnant at the same are always ahead of me though! Man, you are gonna have your hands FULL good luck!!!

Jen T. said...

Cute pictures! I LOVE Kaylee's dress! Way cute. I was wondering when you were going to post. You act like you are busy with 3 kids and pregnancy and Thanksgiving!:)

Andrea said...

I love the update. your kids are so cute and they are growing so fast.

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