Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A little update

So summer is almost over. It has gone by really fast! We are going to Florida next week and I am so excited! It will be so nice to kick back and relax at the beach.
Kaylee and Matthew's new thing is to take their diapers off every chance they get. I have to keep them in onesies during the day and zippered pajamas at night. Last night after dinner they wanted to go out side and jump. We take their clothes off when they eat because they are still pretty messy so we just sent them out in their diapers. Jim looked outside a few minutes later and saw 2 naked bums climbing up the slide. I had to snap a couple of pictures because it is just too funny! We got them dressed quickly so hopefully no neighbors witnessed our naked kids!

We've gone to one of the mall playgrounds and met our friends from Sachse. The kids love playing hard inside and I love visiting with friends. We always have lunch afterwards so it is a nice little outing.
Sweet Kaylee
Matthew and Thomas have fun wrestling on the soft floor
Thomas pretty much runs around the while time we are there! He gets nice and worn out!
Matthew tries hard to keep up with his big brother!
Thomas and Matthew having fun drumming on an empty propane tank, at least it is outside and the noise doesn't bug me too much!
Water coloring...I love stocking up on cheap school supplies this time of the year. They did a pretty good job and didn't make too much of a mess. Matthew did spill his water a few times.

Kaylee has been telling us lately when she needs to go potty. The great thing is Matthew wants to go when she does! We haven't started any real potty training yet, I think we'll wait till we get back from Florida. We had to buy another potty because they fought over the one we had. We decided to get a pink one, Kaylee really likes it. Here's some cute pix of her.
Calling for Matthew to come and go potty too!
I'm 24 weeks now and things are going well. We got a dvd at the Dr. yesterday so I'll have to upload it. She is definitely a girl, we finally got a good look :) she is very modest though! Everything is going good. I'm starting to get a little more tired in the afternoons but so far I still feel great. I've only put on 6 lbs so that is nice too!


Erica said...

That top picture made me laugh out loud! hilarious!

Carolee said...

lololololol...love the naked bums/farmer tan pic. HAHA!! same with Kaylee's potty pic. She is such a ham!

Meredith said...

I love the naked bum picture! So cute! The indoor playground looks fun, where is that? Have a great time in FL!!!!

Andrea said...

How cute and funny!

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