Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Double Trouble

Brandy, Clara and Carter came over yesterday and spent the day with us. We always have so much fun when they come over. We both took lots of pictures so here is a sampling of our fun day. We played outside a lot, it was so nice and not too hot or humid.

The kids just had to put the cones on their head, I guess they look too much like a hat.
Whoops, Carter's cone fell off
Matthew was right there to put it back on
Clara and Kaylee stayed at the sand/water table most of the time.

Working together
Matthew loves the slide
Clara made it down!
Thomas showing the kids how to go down backwards.
Carter was in charge of sweeping off the patio
Another classic Kaylee look

We got the little kids down for a nap for a couple of hours so Brandy and I were able to enjoy some quiet time talking and catching up. Thanks for coming over guys! We always have a blast with ya'll!

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