Friday, June 12, 2009

What we've been doing...200th post!

Wow! I can't believe this is my 200th post! This is going to be a long one because I have lots of pictures of what we've been up to the past month that I haven't felt like blogging :) Summer is in full swing here in Texas. We've had some really hot days and it is only going to get hotter! Thomas had his last day of preschool. Here he is with his teacher Ms. Jennifer, she was a great teacher and he loved going to school every Tuesday and Thursday!

When it is too hot to play outside the kids love to color. We have to do it at the table with K&M strapped in because they loved to color on everything, walls and floors especially! I went to the Kenny Chesney make-up concert with Ann and Brandy. I think it was the best concert I've ever been too, over 3 hours of just Kenny...what could be better!

On Memorial day we had a the Kumps over and grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. The kids loved playing outside on the trampoline and with the Bubble Machine

Jim had the great idea to make smores over our gas stove, it was a hit! I love smores and the kids did too!
Kaylee loves to take care of her brothers, she is trying to feed Matthew something, you can see how pleased he is! Success!

We've done lots of playing in sprinklers in the backyard. They love to spray the slide and make it super slippery!A classic Kaylee face
What good is a trampoline if you don't put a sprinkler under it! The boys especially love to do this.
Kaylee prefers to stay out of the trampoline and away from her rough and tumble brothers!

The sand and water table is where Kaylee spends most of her time!
Thomas loves to be in charge of turning the water on and off!
Wednesday night we had some really bad thunderstorms with high winds. Some tornadoes were spotted so we spent some time in our under stairs closet. When we came out our trampoline was gone! When it stopped raining Jim went to look for it and saw its path of destruction. It went through our neighbors fence and through some empty lots, knocked some bricks off a brick wall and ended up in some empty lots across from the model homes. It is a mangled mess. The construction manager is going to get some guys to load it up in a truck and bring it down to us so we can disassemble it and get rid of it. So now we have to buy another trampoline because the kids love it so much we can't be without one for too long! Crazy Texas weather!


Danielle said...

Cute pictures!

Fairbanks said...

Your kids are so cute. That's too bad about your tramp, at least you found it.

Carolee said...

I love all the cute pics. That is crazy about your trampoline! I'm glad everything else is ok, though.

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