Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kenny Concert

So Saturday night was the Kenny Chesney concert. I have been looking forward to this for months. He has the best concerts and it is just so much fun. Saturday was a very rainy day, but they didn't cancel the concert so we got our ponchos and rain coats and braved the weather. I don't think I would sit through the rain for anyone but Kenny. Me, Brandy & Ann during Miranda Lambert.
Me and Brandy waiting for Kenny...it stopped raining for a little while and gave us some hope.
At the end of the concert we were soaked as you can see.
Kenny performed for about 40 minutes. It kind of stopped raining for a little while, then really picked up. It was just coming down in buckets but it was still just awesome being there. I guess the amount of rain on the stage was making it unsafe so his band left and they covered up the all his equipment on the stage. He came out with his guitar and a microphone and sang "Something Sexy about the Rain." It was awesome! You can see a video someone did here. So the lightening was getting bad and it wasn't safe for us to be there so they told everyone to get under cover. Shortly after that they announced that they were canceling the rest of the concert because it wasn't showing signs of letting up. They told us to keep our tickets and they would come back soon. Yesterday it was announced that he would be back on May 17 and we can get in for free with out ticket stubs. It is of course a Sunday...we'll see what I decide :).

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Andrea said...

What a night! it would have been nice if he would have come back on a saturday.

I'm still in shock over your baby news! congratulations again!!!

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