Monday, January 12, 2009

Thomas's Windmill

Thomas is such a creative fun kid. I haven't done a post just about him for a while so I think it is time. He is doing great on going potty (in case you were wondering). The only accident he has had lately was in the bathroom and he couldn't get his pants off fast enough. He is still wearing pull-ups to bed, but wakes up dry most mornings. This morning he got out of bed and went potty instead of using his pull-up! He loves school and is learning so much. He is now in CTR-5's at church. When we ask him what they talked about in class he says, "Choosing the Right." He got some tinker toys for his birthday and has a lot of fun with them. Last night he made windmills. First Jim and I had a competition to see who could build the best windmill the fastest. Jim won every time, even though mine was way better. I think the competition was rigged! Thomas made this big windmill with a little help from Jim. Here's some pictures of it:

What a cute kid!

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Brandy said...

I love his spikey hair! :)

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