Friday, October 10, 2008

Outside Pix

So I had some requests for pictures of the outside of the house so here they are. Whenever we're done with the inside I'd love to plant some mums and other "fall" flowers. We'll see if it ever happens.

I didn't really get it in the picture but there is a beautiful big crepe myrtle tree in the left hand corner below. Notice the 3 chimneys for the 3 fireplaces. We figure whoever built this house loved having fires!

We are really enjoying the back yard. I wasn't sure if I would like having the garage at the back of the house but it is so nice! Thomas can ride his bike and the babies love playing with the different toys and watching Thomas.
We always have shade by the swing so it is almost always nice to be outside!


Cathy said...

How fun! That backyard looks like a bunch of fun! What a pretty house! Do you even need fireplaces if you live in TX?? We're SOOO COOOOLLLLDDDD HERE! It was nearly 90 last week. Now we're lucky to get 50 as our high :|

Fairbanks Family said...

That looks so nice, I wish our 1 fireplace was usable. I would love to have a nice backyard to play in and a garage to actually park in, how nice.

Ruthie said...

I love that the garage is in the back - I guess it's a drive-around so you're not near a road when you're back there? That's the scariest thing about driveways.

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