Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Toys, Wrestling & New Sounds

I got Kaylee & Matthew these cute toys at Target today. My first purse and my first tool box. They are a hit with them!

Kaylee's favorite part is the "money." It has that crinkly stuff in it so she loves putting it in her mouth.
Matthew got the money away from Kaylee and she is trying to get it back. IT was so funny I had to grab the camera and get a few shots. I took about 10 but only put a few on here.
Matthew is laughing in this picture. They have the best time "wrestling" with each other.

Not the best picture, but good enough. Kaylee likes to purse her lips really tight. It cracks us up!

Thomas with a nice smile Matthew holding his feet.

Matthew has been much more vocal lately. Here is a short video of his "new sound."

1 comment:

jennifer rogers said...

those pictures of kaylee getting matthew because he has her "money" are hilarious!! Very cute!!

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