Monday, February 4, 2008

Weekend in Hot Springs

We went to Hot Springs this weekend for Little Oscar 8's baby blessing. We had so much fun. The only not fun part was the last half of the drive home. M & K were not very happy. We finally took the DVD player away from Thomas and they got to watch a Baby Einstein which made them a little more happy. Here are a few pictures of our trip. Thomas & Maddy had so much fun in Grandma's bounce castle.
Kaylee loved Pam & Grandma and all the attention she got!

Pam with Little Oscar

Maddy posing
Kaylee & Aunt Dollie
Oscar & Kaylee
Jim with Kaylee & Matthew
The Three Oscars: Eight, Seven & Six

Kaylee, Oscar & Matthew

Before we left on Sunday Ada Belle, Thomas & Maddy had so much fun throwing the leaves around. Winston (Maddy's dog) would jump up and try to knock the leaves out of their hands. It was pretty funny.

Winston jumping on Thomas

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