Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Blahs

It is a rainy, dreary day today. I was looking forward to hitting the mall today, but alas I'm stuck at home. It is just too much work to get out in the rain with Kaylee & Matthew. Luckily Thomas is at M.D.O. so he can get some of his energy out at school! So here are some pictures of what they are doing lately. They continue to just be more fun each and every day.

Matthew is still rolling to get everywhere. He is also a big stretcher, always trying to reach things. He doesn't try ooching or crawling yet. Kaylee is the master army crawler. This morning Matthew finally opened the "toy cupboard" in the family room. It was a big achievement for him. He tries to open it a few times a day. He was very excited. Kaylee realized he was having fun with out her and is trying to join him. Mean old mom moved them away and closed the cupboard because there are lots of small Thomas toys that could hurt them.
She did make time to pose for a picture.

They have both been really sitting up on their own good this week. They still do the occasional tumble which can sometimes be traumatic but overall they love sitting up.

Thomas is really into holding the babies now. Sometimes I'll leave the room and come in and he is picking them up from the floor. They always look a little scared, but are so happy that Thomas is paying attention to them that they don't really care if they are uncomfortable. He really likes holding his "brother" Matthew. Luckily they are pretty sturdy these days so he can't cause any damage.

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Melissa said...

I realized with Keali, my second child, that babies grow so quickly because they are always reaching for Matthew should be really tall! Your children are beautiful, congratulations! (BTW, this is Melissa (Hale) Lamb.

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