Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Some fun pictures

I got M & K these cute striped pj's and just had to take a picture of them in the pj's.

On Sunday Kaylee was playing on the floor, I left the room for a minute to do something and came back and this is what I found, she wore herself out.

I made Kaylee & Matthew some cute beanie hats because it has been so cold, now it is warming up, but I'm sure it will cool down again.

Here's a cute video of Matthew & Kaylee playing on the floor together. Enjoy!


Trish said...

Matthew and Kaylee are so cute! Kaylee looks more like you everyday! Your new carpet looks great, too!


Andrea said...

so, so, sooooo cute!

Musimommy said...

That sleeping one is just adorable!

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