Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Catching Up

Last week was a busy week. Thomas was sick on Tuesday & Wednesday. He had a little throw up bug, which is always fun. I think I did about 10 loads of laundry. Then Friday I felt lousy, I never threw up but felt like it most of the day and just felt achy. Now Jim is sick. He got sick last night. Kaylee has been acting like she doesn't feel good so we took her to the Dr. but nothing is wrong with her. I saw on the news that the flu is hitting North Texas, we got our flu shots, but I think we have been hit a little by it. Enough boring talk here are some fun pictures of the kids, the real reason any one comes to look at our blog.Thomas climbed into Matthew's crib the other night. He doesn't like to get in Kaylee's. Matthew thought it was pretty cool.

I watched Kate & Justin last week for Angela. It was such a nice day they had fun playing outside and jumping on the trampoline.

Matthew hanging out with Thomas in his room.

Matthew & Kaylee love to just be in their diapers. I try to let them have "diaper time" before I get them dressed. I love seeing their cute chubby little bodies.


Matthew is our rolly-polly boy. He loves to roll everywhere now. He used to get stuck more, but he is getting better at rolling the other way. Here are a few shots of him trying to get to a bunny rattle.

He's almost there.

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jennifer rogers said...

marji they are getting too cute I love little chubby babies! I think it's adorable how Matthew and Thomas are already bonding as brothers! Too too cute!

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