Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday's Musings

Church was interesting yesterday. Both babies were awake during sacrament meeting. Usually they are sleeping. Anyway they both wanted to eat so I fed Kaylee first because she won't wait. I waited to feed Matthew until after the sacrament was passed. Thomas was also being extra rowdy, I'm not sure why. We had to have Conrad (who was sitting behind us) hold Matthew for a little while so Jim could get Thomas something to keep him quiet & busy. So anyway I got to out to feed Matthew and when I'm coming back into the chapel Jim is in the foyer with Kaylee & Thomas. I guess Kaylee started screaming and he didn't want to leave Thomas by himself so they all came out. She had calmed down so we go back into the chapel. Jim had an iron grip on Thomas' hand so he wouldn't run away. Thomas decided he wanted to hop in and Brandy told us after church that he was saying "Hop" as he hopped in. How do you guys who have big families get anything out of church? We got them this cute activity mat. Kaylee loves doing "tummy time" on it because there are cute things to look at and a mirror so she can look at herself. Matthew likes it, but only on his back. He gets so mad during tummy time. He can barely even lift his head up. He starts screaming after just a couple of minutes on his belly. Kaylee on the other hand can roll over already. Last night she rolled from her tummy to back 3 times. She likes to be on her tummy.

Here's a picture Gabe emailed a couple of weeks ago. He said he was excited to find this shirt and took a picture with it because how often are you going to find a hog's shirt in El Salvador? He said the store owner was pretty disappointed he didn't buy it. It sounds like he is doing good. His email today said they had another baptism this weekend. It will be weird not having him around for the holidays.

Here's a video of M & K. They were talking up a storm and laughing and smiling and then I got the camera out and they froze up. It is still cute of them.


Jack & Danielle Monroe said...

Jack and I get very little out of church. We just figure it is better to be in the right place getting little out of it than in the wrong place getting nothing out of it. We can definitely relate to the craziness of three children.

Jennifer said...

Hi Marji, it's Jennifer Hale from HS and all those years ago. I stumbled across Trish's facebook page and managed to end up here. You have some seriously adorable children! I hope all is well with you :)

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