Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Update

I kept meaning to post more last week and the week just slipped by without much free time. I'm trying really hard to get my Christmas cards all stamped and put together. I just realized that I can assemble them on our car ride to Austin this week so that means I'll have them done soon! there are so many projects that I want to do, but it just isn't possible. I'll be lucky to pull off Christmas shopping this year! We're excited for Thanksgiving this week. I love all the foods. I've been watching food network with all the Thanksgiving specials and it is really getting me excited for the feast. We'll be going to Austin & Richland Springs to spend the holiday with my mom's family. It should be a fun Thanksgiving. I'm excited for all my Aunts & Uncles & Grandparents to meet Kaylee & Matthew.

Matthew loves this banana toy, really he loves anything he can put in his mouth. If something is laying by him he'll pick it up and put it in his mouth.

M & K hanging out together.
When Kaylee is in a good mood she purrs and she also sticks out her tongue. She smiles while she's doing it. It cracks us up!

Looking cute in their blue jeans

Kaylee likes to pull her shirt up and show off her belly.

This is how a lot of our nights are spent, holding the babies. We double up sometimes so we can get other things done, like getting Thomas to bed at a decent hour. I have some pictures of Thomas that I'll post tomorrow (or try to). I try to take pictures of him too, so he doesn't feel neglected!

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