Monday, November 26, 2007

A Fun Thanksgiving

We went to Richland Springs for Thanksgiving at my Aunt Patty & Uncle Charlie's house. They live out in the country in this awesome house they just built last year. The babies were a hit and Thomas had a blast playing outside with some of the older kids. We enjoyed lots of good food and it was fun to catch up with all my mom's family whom we hadn't seen for a while. When we were driving home Thursday night it started snowing. It got pretty heavy for a little while once we got on I-20. It wasn't sticking to the roads but it sure made it cold.

Aunt Ann, Jim & Aunt Patty with Matthew (these are my mom's sisters)

Grandma & Kaylee

My Cousin Felicia with Matthew & my Cousin Joey's girlfriend with Kaylee.
Me & Thomas

Thomas playing air hockey

Tucker, Thomas, Katie & Aunt Kim

Thomas & Jim riding the 4 wheeler

Thomas warming up at the fireplace

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