Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Our fun weekend in Arkansas

We were so excited it worked out that little Oscar was born while we were visiting the family. He is a cute little boy and seems to be very mellow. We think he favors Dollie's side of the family a little more than the DeVaux side, but I'm sure his DeVaux features will start to come out.We threw Jenny a surprise baby shower on Saturday. It was a lot of fun. She had no idea, so that made it even better. This is the only picture I took at the shower, it is the blessing dress mom bought for little Maggie Leigh.
It is always nice visiting family because they all want to hold Matthew and Kaylee who enjoy all the extra attention. Micha loves to hold babies!
Kaylee with Aunt Jen and Grandma DeVaux
We have 4 birthdays in October all at the end! Dad's is the 24th, little O's is the 26th, Jen's is the 28th and mine is the 31st. We had a little birthday celebration. Mom made a Boston cream pie (my request) which was delicious. We had to do the candles a few times so the kids could all have a turn blowing them out.

Happy Halloween from Matthew & Kaylee!

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