Friday, August 10, 2007

More Pictures



Thomas holding Matthew for about 2 seconds

Me & Matthew
Grandpa DeVaux & Matthew

Grandma DeVaux & Kaylee

Sleeping in their bassinet

Kaylee & Matthew

A closeup of their faces: Matthew & Kaylee


Baileys said...
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Baileys said...

Maddy said it looks like Kaylee is telling Matthew a secret in that last picture. they are so sweet!!!

Cathy said...

They are beautiful! I can hardly wait to make a video scrapbook of them!

jkump1 said...

I love the pictures of them in the bassinet together. They look so cute.

Angela said...

Marji!!! They are so precious!! How are you having time to post on your blog? You must be Wonder Woman!

What do you need for the little bundles?

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