Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Painting & Haircuts

I bought Thomas some watercolors a few weeks ago and he loves them! He'll sit at his table for about 20 minutes just paint.
Thomas waiting for his haircut.

Jim cut it this time because it is too hard for me to bend over and cut it with my big belly. We put a show on and he does pretty good about sitting in the chair. The cutter tickles his head so he is a little wiggly.

These are the ladies I work with at church in the Young Women's program. They are a great group and we have a lot of fun! Soli, Me, Brandy, Robin, Tina, Kelly & Janice. Sorry that the picture is a little blury, but I didn't take it :) As you can see I'm getting bigger! I think sometimes I grow overnight. I'm 24 weeks tomorrow which is exciting because that is when the babies are viable if they are born early. They'd have lots of problems, but most likely survive. I haven't had any signs of preterm labor so I'm not really worried about that though :).

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