Thursday, March 22, 2007

It's a....


Here are the pictures! The girl is above and the boy is below, we are still working on names.
We saw the boy in the ultrasound first and were excited but I was just a little worried that it might be 2 boys (3 boys would run me ragged). So we were super excited when we saw that the other twin was a girl. We had 2 confirmations one by the sonographer and the other by the Dr. who is a maternal specialist. They both weighed 8 ounces and were very active. The girl kept trying to get in on her brother's pictures and was wiggling a lot which was fun to see. They check all their body parts and measure them and everything was perfect. We'll have the level 2 u/s every month so it will be fun to see them grow, then every week once we reach 32 weeks. So there will be lots of footage on our twins.


Jen T. said...

What cute little Babies! The little girl looks like a true DeVaux girl, always ready for a picture and the little boy is like Jim, trying to get a word in! Ha Ha!! Very cute! I can't wait to meet them! Congrats guys!

Ruthie said...

Those little lives are already beautiful! Congratulations! I'm looking forward to hearing more about them here!

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