Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Smoothies and stuff

There isn't much I like to eat right now. The thought of food makes me feel nauseous most of the time. Smoothies are another story. I make one or two a day. Thomas loves to help make them! I started one this morning and didn't call him and he came running over wanting to help, he was a little upset with me. He pushes the button, helps put the frozen yogurt and ice in. He's a big helper! For 2nd breakfast I make a fruit one with strawberries, bananas and o.j. For an after dinner snack I make one that has peanut butter, chocolate syrup and a banana (so I can call it a smoothie not a milk shake). So if you have any good recipes give them too me! If you look closely at the picture you can see a little pooch already! Jeans are no longer my friend!

We went to the park this morning. Thomas was getting a little stir crazy and so was I. It is a nice day so I thought it would be fun. The park was very windy. It is at the top of Sachse and the wind just rips through it. It didn't bother Thomas, but I am a wimp. Luckily I had a hood to put on or we would have left a lot earlier! I felt like I did good, letting him play for almost 30 minutes. We then went to Sonic and I got a Cherry Limeaide, so yummy!
That's all for today. I have to go lay down and take a little nap before my little sunshine wakes up.

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jen said...

Very cute little site Marji! I remember smoothie days! I can see just a little belly! Not bad for carrying two little ones! Cute pics of Thomas too! What a good little helper!

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